Pokémon Go: Worldwide news about the success


Pokémon Go: Worldwide news about the success

Nintendo’s augmented reality game is available since less than a week ago and we can say it’s the first augmented reality game to be a success.

Hundreds of virals have appeared since the game release date. Most of them about players taking his devices to play in weird places such as fuel stations or highways. ¿Who will be the first player to enter Area 51 to play Pokémon Go there? In Massachusetts, a 26 years old man caused a bug accident when he stopped in the middle of the highway to catch a Pikachu. It was one of the biggest car accidents people can remember.

It’s clear that this was one of the most successful launches for a game. ¿Was Nintendo prepared for such a reaction? Many users were not able to play during the first days because of the extreme server overload, but this was soon fixed. In all cases, people in some countries lithe UK will need to wait until more servers are added before being able to play.

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